Donate Back to School Fundraising Campaign "College in the Time of Covid" Let’s Get Ready students and coaches have been working harder than ever this semester – so we hosted a virtual Study Break on October 26. Check out the recording of the event (video at [...]

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Donate SPONSORSHIPS THE VIRTUAL GALA Let’s Get Ready has pivoted to a Virtual Gala campaign from May 4 - May 17, and your support is now more important than ever. To hear about this change and about the way our programs have responded to the [...]

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From mentors to teachers: Andrea and Yessenia

This fall marks the beginning of two extremely promising teaching careers. Andrea Magaña and Yessenia Lopez, both graduates of Lehman College and Let’s Get Ready alumni, have each started their work with Teach for America in Western Massachusetts. Their journey from classmates at New Rochelle High School to colleagues working for educational equity is [...]

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Notes from a Coach: Renee Robichaud

College students that volunteer or intern for Let’s Get Ready often report that they end up learning just as much as the peers they are serving. That was the case for Renee Robichaud, who worked as a Site Director for the program in Worcester, Massachusetts. For three years, she led a team of volunteers [...]

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7/28/2018 – Career Day (Mid-Atlantic) at NYU

Please join us at Career Day, a chance for workforce professionals to help our students shape their future careers. Volunteers will share their experience and field expertise directly with our students, many of whom will be the first in their family to go to college, and let them know the steps they can take to landing their [...]

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Gideon’s Story

We first published the story of Gideon Aderemi in 2011 on our older website. Please enjoy this refresher, and read ahead for more about where Gideon's college journey has taken him. At the Bronx Academy Leadership High School, Gideon Aderemi was a stellar student. He received top grades in every subject and was named [...]

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Divine Williams

At the age of five, Divine Williams already had his college picked out. “My mother and father would take me to the Waverly Diner on 6th Avenue in Manhattan,” he recalls. “Afterwards, we would go to Washington Square Park, where I became infatuated with the talent of NYU students.” He remembers seeing the students [...]

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3/15/2018 Career Launch (Mid-Atlantic)

At our Career Launch event, volunteers will offer our students insight and advice on their fields, steps that they can immediately take, networking skills, resumes, and much more. Those interested should apply below – and spread the word! To volunteer, sign up here. Details: March 15, 2018 NYU, Silver Center 31 Washington Place New York, [...]

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