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News and Events

Marvin’s Story

During my second year at Colgate University, I got involved with Let’s Get Ready upon a suggestion from a random classmate. Yet, as I look back at my career as a classroom teacher, admission counselor, and college advisor, my [...]

November 19, 2021|

Lauren’s Story

I first joined the Let’s Get Ready team as a Verbal SAT content coach in the Spring of 2019. My undergraduate program had a requirement for volunteer hours and coaching seemed like a way to complete those in an [...]

November 19, 2021|

Leveraging Near-Peer Mentors with LGR

On Wednesday, November 17th we came together with some of our partner to discuss the ways in which LGR can aid your students and school/community- based staff as we continue to navigate post-secondary planning in this new climate. Click on [...]

November 5, 2021|


Southern Maine Community College has launched a new mentoring program where students will receive guidance and support via text from other college students as part of SMCC’s commitment to student success. The program is offered in partnership with Let’s [...]

November 5, 2021|

Let’s Get Ready State of the Org

On Tuesday, October 5th we shared about LGR's exciting plan to double the number of students we serve by 2025. Click on the video to the right to learn more about how our program and coaches are responding to [...]

September 17, 2021|

Parent Profile: Kecia Palmer-Cousins

Navigating the college admission process is challenging for many high school students and their families who want the best for them. The process requires significant knowledge and nuance, a privilege and resource many families do not have. This [...]

September 17, 2021|

2021 College Decisions

College Signing Day is an opportunity to celebrate students committing to pursue their educational goals. Here at Let’s Get Ready, we want to champion, support and celebrate our Transition students that have selected their new home away from home. [...]

June 21, 2021|

Grad Week Recap

Thank you for celebrating the Let’s Get Ready Class of 2021 with us last week! If you missed the celebration, you can view a quick two-minute highlight reel to the left. If you want to check out [...]

May 26, 2021|
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