Let’s Get Ready is currently hiring for the following roles:

Associate Director, Marketing and Communications

Manager – Development Operations

A message to candidates

One of the guiding principles at Let’s Get Ready is our belief that our employees are our most valuable resource. We work to ensure that you will find your time here to be impactful, fun, and challenging, and that you will have opportunities to build relationships, benefit from and contribute to Let’s Get Ready’s organizational culture, and learn and grow professionally. We are guided by the organizational values outlined below.

Our Values

  • Students First: We practice student – centered decision making in all aspects of our organizational planning and implementation.
  • Value and Support the Team: We ensure our Team (staff) has the infrastructure and resources to succeed and grow (through professional development, technology, capacity, information, etc). We commit to help, support, challenge and appreciate each other.
  • Data Drive Idealism: We utilize data and research to ground and inspire our learning, strategic risk-taking and improvement. 
  • Optimize Time: We respect all stakeholders’ time by conducting outcomes-oriented reflection and planning.  We develop systems and materials with effectiveness and efficiency as a priority. 
  • Stay Solutions Oriented: We view challenges as opportunities for learning and innovation, and we act!  We hold ourselves accountable for timely design and implementation of solutions.   
  • Create an Inclusive Community: We foster empowering, safe, supportive, and appreciative spaces to drive and reflect our relationship-based model for students, Coaches, Site Directors and staff.
  • Accountability and Transparency to Stakeholders: We define shared expectations and communicate with consistency, inspiration, accountability and transparency to stakeholders (students, SD’s and Coaches, partners, funders and staff).