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Special Projects

Grad Bag

At colleges everywhere, dumpsters are filled with used but still usable items. Desk lamps, XL sheets, comforters, rugs, laundry bags, hampers, fans and blankets are thrown away. This is where Grad Bag comes in. They collect, clean, package, store and re-distribute dorm room items to soon-to-be college students who might not have the means to buy these things on their own.

Let’s Get Ready and Grad Bag formed a partnership and hold events every year for college students who are in need of gently-used dorm supplies. This year, they have collected over 6,000 lbs. of linens in addition to lots of lamps, rugs, pillows, storage containers, fans, hangers and much more, and will gear hundreds of students for college in the fall.

For more information, visit http://www.gradbag.org/.


The Scarsdale High School Class of 1966 is pleased to announce that it has established the “Eric Rothschild College Assistance Fund” at Let’s Get Ready to honor beloved Social Studies teacher Mr. Rothschild and his tremendous contributions to Scarsdale, Scarsdale High School and its students, and the overall educational community.

By donating to the Eric Rothschild College Assistance Fund, the Class of 1966 is supporting Let’s Get Ready programs that enable students from historically under-served communities to pursue college and stay on the path to successful graduation. Already the Class of 1966 has met its goal of $5,000, and the initiative is growing in honor of Mr. Rothschild and in support of educational opportunity. Donations in any amount — tiny to huge — are encouraged! Strengthening today’s young people through education reflects Scarsdale graduates’ dedication to building a better society via the next generation.


Let’s Get Ready’s Professional Network was created by young professionals who are committed to giving back to their communities, and who enjoy making a difference in the lives of our high school students.

You can be part of our large professional network if you are looking to mentor students and offer real-life advice that will help them focus their studies and find work after college. Support can also take the form of creating fundraising and networking events, or being a program ambassador within your personal and professional network.

Currently our professional network operates in New York City and the greater Boston area.

Sign up here!

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