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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a college student. How can I get involved? 2017-02-14T23:09:26+00:00

You can become an Coach, directly providing high school students with SAT prep or guidance on the college application process. We also offer the opportunity to become a Student Success Coordinator, a mentor for students in their first year of college, or a Site Director who manages a group of volunteers. For more information, visit here. If you’re looking for helpful advice, have a look at our Resources for Students section.

Can I be a Coach if I already graduated college? 2017-02-14T12:17:54+00:00

Coaches are primarily college students. However, we do accept a limited number of young professionals.

Can I apply to more than one Let’s Get Ready program each semester? 2017-02-14T23:12:21+00:00

No, you may only apply to one program per semester.

I have already taken a Let’s Get Ready program once. Can I take it again? 2017-02-14T23:13:30+00:00

Yes, but priority is always given to first-time participants.

Can I apply to more than one Let’s Get Ready program each semester? 2017-02-14T23:13:59+00:00

No, you may only apply to ONE program.

I have more questions, is there someone I can contact directly? 2017-02-14T12:19:34+00:00

Send an e-mail to info@letsgetready.org. We’re happy to help!

I am looking for Let’s Get Ready’s Tax ID number and other financials. Where can I get that information? 2017-02-14T23:15:12+00:00

Our Federal Tax ID No. is 31-1698832. Our latest financial statements can be found here.

I want to sponsor a program to go on a college trip to my alma mater. 2017-02-14T12:09:17+00:00

College trips are a great way for our students to learn about specific schools, and colleges in general. For more information on how to sponsor a college trip, contact Keryn Price.

My company provides Corporate Matching Gifts, can I use this towards a donation to Let’s Get Ready? 2017-02-14T12:20:23+00:00

Yes. Please send Keryn Price the necessary paperwork and we will be happy to give you the information you need.

Can I contribute to a specific Let’s Get Ready program? 2017-02-14T23:12:48+00:00

Yes. We will accept restricted donations that can be used to sponsor a specific program. Please contact Keryn Price.

How much does the Let’s Get Ready program cost? 2017-02-14T23:11:53+00:00

The program is free for participating students. It currently costs Let’s Get Ready around $1000 per student to provide the support they need through each step of the college application process, as well as mentoring once they’re admitted.

How can high schools/colleges partner with Let’s Get Ready? How do I start a Let’s Get Ready program in my community/with my college/alma mater? 2017-02-14T23:14:44+00:00

Thank you for your interest in helping Let’s Get Ready expand! We are always looking for opportunities to bring our program to new areas, but there are some important factors that need to be met. For more information, reach out to programs@letsgetready.org.

How many students do you serve? 2017-02-14T12:22:43+00:00

During the 2015-2016 academic year, Let’s Get Ready helped 8,000 high school students in 86 programs and engaged 891 college student volunteers. Since our founding in 1998, Let’s Get Ready has served about 25,000 students on the path to college and opportunity.

What is the “College Choice” part of the Let’s Get Ready curriculum? 2017-02-14T23:14:21+00:00

In addition to helping our high school students with SAT and college preparation, the Let’s Get Ready program provides students with 15 hours of comprehensive information and guidance regarding college selection, applications, financial aid and scholarships. The program also supports its students through college.